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Childwold Memorial Presbyterian Church is entirely dependent on the generosity of its friends and members through current donations, planned giving, fund raisers and volunteer effort to support its operation and missions.  With the expansion of services through online streaming and for the convenience of local members we are instituting an online giving program.  To utilize this service, you must simply push the Donate Now button on this page.  But before you do, please remember:

Thank you for your interest in supporting Childwold Memorial Presbyterian Church.

We offer the following programs to choose from, including Regular Contributions intended to replace the inhouse Collection practice.

Regular Contributions

  • Collection Plate-
  • Special Donations
  • Unrestricted Memorials

Church Programs

  •     Building Fund
  •     Growth Reserve Fund
  •     Music/Outreach Fund

Mission Programs

  •     Community Support Fund

Mission Passthrough

  •     Presbytery Mission
  •     Malawi Support Fund

Greatest Current Need

Each year we raise funds to support our general fund budget from the weekly collection and special gifts.

You can support the Childwold Memorial Presbyterian Church two ways:

Make a check payable to Childwold Memorial Presbyterian Church and mail it to Childwold Memorial Presbyterian Church, c/o Flora McCuen, PO Box 4, Piercefield, NY 12973.

Donate Now

Thank you for your generous support of the Childwold Memorial Presbyterian Church.

How to Create a Gift or Donation

You may navigate to the Vanco eGiving application by striking the “Donate Button” here, on select emails we may send and on other Web pages associated with the Church.  When you do, you will see the eGiving page with the Church Steeple, a login option, a build profile option and the immediate giving form.  If it’s your first time, we suggest selecting the build profile option.  From there you can add all your contact and banking information for a permanent account record.  

Once you have created an account you may select the “Add Transaction” button and begin making a donation or gift to a Church or Mission Fund.  The process is to add a dollar value to any Fund, select the Frequency from the drop-down list and select the Transaction Start Date.  (Please select a date at least 2 days future from the current date to accommodate the deposit lead time.  Otherwise you will receive an error message and have to modify the date.)  You may choose to make your gift in honor or memory of someone and have a notification sent to an appropriate party.  Select the Continue button to select your method of payment.

You may choose to make a direct deposit or credit/debit card transaction.  If you choose a card transaction you may also check the Optional- Give Additional to Help to Offset Processing Fees, thus making you gift whole.  Check I’m not a Robot, review your entries carefully and hit Process.  You’ll be taken to a printable confirmation page.

That’s it.  You’ve done it and it feels good.  You’ll receive an email confirmation for you records.  If you find you’ve made a mistake you have opportunities to edit or delete the transaction prior to the transaction date.

When you log in next, you’ll see a history of your scheduled and processed gifts.


Donate Now